• Froid Public School is in NorthEast Montana, approximately 40 miles from North Dakota and 80 miles from Canada.  This small rural community school has been around since the early 1920's.  This is a K-12 school with approximatley 118 students.  We are small, but we value a solid educational program which produces not only college ready students, but responsible citizens ready for the workforce.  Our small class sizes allow us to individualize student education on a very unique level.  Our school offers the MAPs testing throughout the year so we can accumulate data on each child, ensuring we are meeting their needs.  

    Froid Public School is transitioning to the ICU program.  Student apathy is on the rise in the United States, and this program ensures that quality lessons require quality work.  No student is allowed to not turn in an assignment, as each assignment is necessary for her/his education.  We look forward to this transition occuring in January of 2018.  The student handbooks have more information on this program.

    Infinite Campus is our new Student Information System (SIS) starting this year.  Parents and students can log into the system at Infinite Campus Portal or the global link icon on the main page of the website.  The process to log in the first time can be downloaded by clicking here. The GUID activation code will need to be given to each parent when they call in to the school. 

    Any questions or concerns please feel free to contact the administrative staff or call the school.  

    Through these halls, pass tomorrow's leaders.  Find your potential, find your passion, and learn to do.  To be empowered and to succeed by excelling to your fullest potential are the building blocks of great leadership.  Be that leader.  Embrace the destiny we guide today.